Say no to drugs and crime

More than half of all people arrested in the united states positive for illegal drugs.Drug addiction can lead to increased property crime and robberies and many other things which is not accepted by the human say no to dugs and crime.

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  1. 4 - The Double Crime Of Drugs & Hard Times
  2. I lost my son March 12th 2005. He had mixed a low dose of methadone pills and xanax. My daughter went in the Sat morning to tell him she was coming to my house. She found that he had passed sometime in the night. Before then I didn't know there was such a problem here in Florida with the pill mills. My son bought the pills from someone he thought was a friend. He didn't know the dangers of mixing the 2 drugs. To see my son you would have never thought he was playing with pills. He held down a full time job, helped take care of his disable father. He was a really sweet and loving young man. I have been trying to find out where he got the pills from but no one is taking. Earier this month I almost lost another family member who got the pills legally from Sunshine Therapy Center on St. Aug. Rd. Dr. Baker gave him prescriptions for enough pills to kill him and the several other people. I'm so thankful that God saved his life. He spent several days in ICU. I'm proud to say he is now in trea...
  3. Wouldn't it be nice if our government spent all of this time & money on wood, instead fighting crime & drugs?
  4. Inequality, hunger, injustice, war, crime, theft, drugs, religions, corporations, governments, politicians and weapons ... are creations of the people, fueled by money. Stop now or you will also be responsible.
  5. PRAYER TODAY AT NOON! Come join us today as we intercede for our police, fire, and rescue workers. Also praying against crime, drugs, alcohol, all addictions, and other evil that is over our city!
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