In Which Eddie Huang calls Black Feminists "bums"

Black feminists demanded clarification from Eddie Huang after he said, "Asian men have been emasculated so much we're basically treated like Black women" on Bill Maher. This is what ensued on Twitter.


  1. UPDATE: Eddie Huang deleted his Twitter account today (June 16, 2015). This was his last tweet:

    "In an effort to give people fewer ways to call me black, I'm cancelling this twitter. If you just HAVE TO call me black, I'm still on IG." [Link deactivated]
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  3. On April 24, Eddie Huang went on Bill Maher to talk about the ABC sitcom "Fresh Off the Boat," which is based off of his memoir of the same name":
  4. While answering a question about why he relates to hip hop and rap music, Huang says: "I feel like Asian men have been emasculated so much in America that we're basically treated like Black women." (No joke, direct quote!)
  5. Finding issue with this statement, @BlackGirlDanger (aka award-winning writer, creator of the blog Black Girl Dangerous, and queer Black feminist Mia McKenzie) asks Huang to clarify:
  6. And offers her criticism:
  7. Huang responds with some stats he was "referring to":
  8. This is when other people started joining the conversation. Here is @KaraRBrown (staff writer at Jezebel):