Twitter Scavenger Hunt - Spring 2014

This semester, I took part in Professor Kim Fox's annual Twitter Scavenger Hunt. Below are my tweets, responses I got from other students, and some of my favorite tweets from AUC and abroad.


  1. Earlier this semester, I took part in a Twitter Scavenger Hunt in Professor Kim Fox's JRMC202 Multimedia Writing class. This assignment is quite famous among 202 students, so when it was my turn to finally try it out, I was obviously very excited. 
  2. For this assignment, we received a list of tasks and questions that we were supposed to complete by tweeting our responses. Here is my partner Zeina and I's first tweet. 
  3. As we ran down the stairs to find people to grill with our questions, we bumped into Mariam, a colleague of mine from another journalism class. 
  4. We then made our way to the Office of Student Development to check a few more items off of our list. 
  5. Although we were confident as we went along, we definitely felt the pressure. We were short on time, but we didn't want our need for speed to compromise the quality of our tweets. 
  6. From there, we tried to catch unsuspecting AUC students in the food court, hoping that they considered any of the food outlets there to be their favorite. 
  7. We also tried to get Mohanad to show some school spirit for our Vine, but we unfortunately ran into some technical difficulties with the app. We lost our footage and 7 valuable minutes. 
  8. To display the research capabilities of AUC, the archives were an easy choice. Not many people know where the archives are and consequently do not use the Rare Books and Special Collections Library to its full capacity. 
  9. Afterwards we rushed to the campus gardens to take a selfie at our favorite spot on campus.
  10. We also managed to catch Neamat Abdullah, architecture senior & football player, enjoying the sunshine with some friends and got her to tell us all about the #TrainforAim event.    
  11. We also managed to find international student Phillip Yovetich and got some more spirit for our Vine. 
  12. He had actually been in our previously lost footage, so we were very excited to bump into him again. 
  13. After the Twitter Scavenger Hunt, Zeina and I would frequently see Phillip on campus and stop to say hi. It was definitely an unexpected way to make a new friend. 
  14. We knew we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful views the gardens offered, but we also didn't want to take a typical landscape shot.