Covering an Event - "Gamifying Your Classroom"

Covering an event is an assignment for my multimedia writing class. We were asked to attend an event where we are supposed to live tweet, take pictures, conduct interviews and take videos.


  1. My partner Karim and I were so excited about this particular event because we knew it was different. We went to the room where the worshop is supposed to take place and we started to prepare our recorders and cameras.
  2. While the facilitator Fady M. Morcos was about to start begin with his presentation, Karim and I were ready with our cameras and recorders.
  3. I took the first picture while Morcos was presenting himself.
  4. I was stressed by the fact that i had to take notes, take pictures and live tweet at the same time. However, i decided to take notes first and then tweet the things i find interesting.
  5. After a while, I wanted to take a wide shot to include the audience in my tweets.
  6. Morcos started to hilight the fact that he was interested in that particular topic because of the success of game industry in motivation.
  7. At this point, Karim was trying to cature the best shots with his camera with different angles.
  8. I was focused on live tweeting and getting the best quotes from Morcos.
  9. The presentation was very interesting for me as a students because it relates to how students feel under pressure and what factors lead to their lack of motivation.
  10. I really liked the fact that he put himself in students shoes. This made more engaged with the presentation.
  11. Morcos kept on addressing questions to the audience to make them think of barriers that prevent students from engagement in classrooms.
  12. After that, he decided to ask the faculty members to do an activity.
  13. He distributed note cards so that they come up with ideas of barriers that students face,
  14. This activity made the audience very interactive with the presentation and they came up with many great ideas together.
  15. After that, Morcos presented his own ideas about the barriers stating that one of t hem is poor instruction techniques.
  16. He not only asked about the barriers, but also about ways to cross them and find solutions.