#NAHJ Board Bans Tweeting Of Meeting?

Last night on the eve of UNITY12, I saw an interesting thread on the NAHJ Strategy Group Facebook fan page. it was reported that #UNITY12 student journalists were told that the board meeting could not be Tweeted or filmed. Here's how it played out.


  1. I began live Tweeting #NABJ board meetings in October 2010 after concerns about the timeliness of the minutes being posted.  Scroll down to see Richard Prince's post on my efforts.
  2. I'm not trying to get into NAHJ's business. But frankly, there is no legitimate reason why a journalism organization, aside from executive sessions, should ban filming or social media from meetings, unless there's something to hide. And that's a bad reason. If you area dues-paying member and the meeting is public, then you have a right to attend and tweet, Facebook, Google+ or whatever other tool you choose to use to reports on it. It looks bad when journalists appear to censor. We don't put up with it when subjects of the stories we cover try and do it, so we shouldn't accept it when a journalism organization does it.  And if I'm wrong about what happened, I'm happy to have a correction from a NAHJ board member.