Other Budget Travellers

Here are a few other blogs from people that went to similar locations under similar budgets.


  1. This is a post from 'I am Aileen' all about Annecy. This is somewhere I would love to go to!
  2. This post is from 'The Poor Traveller'. I think his blog name alone suggests he's all about saving too! This post is about where to stay in Istanbul and so he includes a variety of price brackets to suit anyone and everyone.
  3. This post is more generically for anyone considering backpacking Europe rather than a specific city but I thought I would include it as this is a very popular travel method & can save a lot of money!
  4. This 'eTramping' blog is all about Brussels. I thought this may be helpful as Brussels is a similar weekend/short-stay location like Rome and I have only ever heard good things about people's adventures there!
  5. I have also included a Vlog on a budget in Rome as it includes some great money saving tips!
  6. 10 ways to enjoy Rome on a Budget ✩ Part 1