1. I am going in to week seven of my internship at WMC-TV 5 and
    I have to say, I'm still enjoying it as much as I was the first day.

  2. Over the weeks, I've formed some great relationships with the news crew and I'm really not wanting my internship to end.

    Video journalist, Jerica Phillips, has been an amazing mentor. She has shared a lot of insight with me and always encourages me to be myself and follow my dreams. I really admire her honesty and ambition.

  3. Jerica isn't the only one. Anna Marie Hartman, Andrew Douglas and Andy Wise have all personally reached out to me and have been extremely helpful by answering my questions and letting me watch them in action. :)

  4. AND, I am SO excited to say that AN5 anchor and reporter, Lindsey Brown asked me to get coffee with her Wednesday to talk about my internship and the joys of TV news. I am star struck. :) 

  5. I have gotten my hands in some fun stuff! I've been out on live shots, shot my own stand-ups, rewrote wires, published stories for "Your Neighborhood," put numbers in the ticker on election night and one of the producers let me borrow his book, Power Producer. I have read it TWICE and I've only had it for two weeks!

  6. wmc author 92311.mov
  7. You can see my photos here:
  8. One thing I've learned so far is that even professionals make mistakes. It's okay to make an honest mistake, NOT okay to make careless mistakes and it is UNACCEPTABLE to make the same mistakes over and over.