Some of my peer's tweets on tribes


  1. saying I am good or I am good enough is the thing that will keep people from changing.  That is because they might be afraid from change and what it will cause to them.
  2. I think this is totally true for many people.. We need to change the way we think and stop warring about how people sees us..How do we see ourselves?
  3. when we believe in something we will follow what we believe it and do what ever it takes to meet our believes.This commitment to our believes will create serious people with a clear vision.
  4. So a tribe is a group of  people connected because of an idea that they are interested. In order for this tribe to be organized they must have a leader
  5. The key to create a difference is WANT. to change you must have the desire to do so.
  6. So many people can follow you.. but who will create a difference(a change ) are the ones who are participating and collaborating in the tribe. They work hard so their common believe will arise.
  7. the sooner the better.. step out of you fear... close your eyes and go ahead make your dreams real
  8. What motivates manegers is the paper commitment and what motivates leaders is the heart  commitment
  9. It is always good to change and try to develop.
  10. The thing is that we got to believe that we have the skills and go to explore them and develop them.