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The Pros and Cons of Pinterest: An Online Discussion

For many months, Pinterest was the best site ever according to pretty much everyone in the craft and art industry. Now that everyone is on Pinterest, some people are questioning the lack of ethic of some users and, by extension, are questioning if they should keep their account...


  1. The Pros
  2. So even if people are aware that there's an ethic problem on Pinterest (some pinners are the problem actually), they still like to use this site. I found a great post where you'll learn how to be a responsible pinner:
  3. The Cons
  4. People aren't really anti-Pinterest... but they see many downside to this site. For some of them, it's enough to make them want to close their account. Some others are thinking about it (but they still love Pinterest).
  5. This article is telling you exactly what is the problem with Pinterest:
  6. The author of the next post doesn't know yet if she should keep her account...
  7. ...this one already made her decision: