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Emmys 2013: Grading Neil Patrick Harris

Is Neil Patrick Harris the new king of award show hosts? He was back for a second time as host of the Emmy awards Sunday night. How did he do?


  1. Harris took a risk by having all those past hosts as part of his opening monologue. And you wouldn't you know it -- he was upstaged by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. More please.
  2. 2013 Emmy's Neil Patrick Harris Opening Monologue
  3. Where was the singing and dancing Harris we've come to know and love? Not in the first hour of the show at least.
  4. It took an hour and half before we got it. 
  5. Neil Patrick Perfoms At Emmys 2013 Award Show
  6. It was a nice touch to include the choreography category on stage this year. Definitely seems like a Harris decision.
  7. Emmy Awards 2013 ~ Amazing Choreographers Dance Number HD
  8. His best lines of the night
  9. His bit about suffering from EHD (excessive hosting disorder) was his funniest. We hope there's no cure for that. His grade for the night? A solid "B"
  10. 2013 Emmys EHD How I Met Your Mother skit