Oscars 2013: Seth MacFarlane sexist or sensational?

Now everyone knows who Seth MacFarlane is after his first Oscar hosting gig. So what does the headline read? Seth MacFarlane inspires love and hate.

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  1. Seth MacFarlane came out strong during his opening monologue. He told some jokes that made the audience a little uncomfortable.
  2. Clearly Seth MacFarlan saved his "A" material for tonight. He's been saving it for about 14 years.
  3. Some noticed a strong resemblance to Peter Brady.
  4. He got  a little edgy with a song called "We Saw your Boobs."
  5. "We Saw Your Boobs," and the movie "Flight," performed by sock puppets. So far Seth Macfarlan is pretty funny.
  6. "We Saw Your Boobs" Seth Macfarlane The Oscars 2013 The 85th Academy Awards
  7. Some thought Seth was being sexist
  8. Oscar host Seth McFarlane went for a lot of cheap laughs - yup you guessed it, sexist, racist - the usual stuff that you'd see at a comedy club on a weeknight. But not at the Oscars with a worldwide audience, right? wrong.