London citizen cyberscience summit ( first day 16th february ) #LCCS2

The London Citizen Cyberscience Summit is a great chance for scientists and citizens to learn about the latest breakthroughs in citizen cyberscience. It will be a unique opportunity to brainstorm about how new technologies can enhance citizen cyberscience.


  1. On the first day we set the scene. Meet some of the leading figures in citizen science and explore the process of public engagement and participation, outreach of citizen science to the developing world, and the undertaking of "extreme" citizen science projects, in rain forests, the arctic tundra, or urban jungles.
  2. Citizen Cyber Science Summit London
    Citizen Cyber Science Summit London
  3. First Morning Sessions : Spectrum of Citizen Science 

  4. Jonathan Silvertown : Learning from two citizen science case studies  Evolution Mega and 

  5.  Evolution Mega