As seen onFavicon for Went Live This Week: Here is The Story - Curated, Scooped and Storified went live this week. We covered the news and gave the news some context using both and Storify. Curating articles, quotes, tweets, photos and videos.


  1. Curation tool came out of beta this week. CEO Guillaume Decugis emailing about the launch: "We're coming out of private beta with solid numbers on stickiness, visits and growth". So what was more natural than to curate the news? Using both and Storify?
  2. If you prefer a direct link to the new cartoon video from, here it is! CEO Guillaume Decugis (gdecugis) commented, emailing his curation friends: "Curation is lowering the barrier to expression on the Web: will now enable everyone to be a publisher and be heard on the Web (as we had fun summarizing in our launch video)."
  3. Scoop it - Everyone is a publisher
  4. But there were also some hard facts behind the news. The curation platform is right now in a big growth modus, 35% month over month.
  5. The growth accelerated after started to build a community with and around it's content curators, last June.
  6. So what is really about? This video interview produced by Robert Scoble (@scobleizer), will give you really good insights:" is working to make it easier to curate content and share that content with your friends via a beautiful magazine. Here Guillaume Decugis, CEO talks to me about social media content and trends he's seeing develop."
  7. reinventing content curation and development
  8. The tech media of course shared the news of launching. Among them Venturebeat:
  9. Venturebeat even recommended some interesting curation topics.
  10. To get a feel for what does, check out some of the great topic pages passionate users have curated on space exploration, violins, street art, tools for learners and scientific discovery. 
  11. TheNextWeb covered the news in a breaking story, but also made a video interview with Guillaume Decugis.
  12. yfrog Photo : Shared by gdecugis
    yfrog Photo : Shared by gdecugis
  13. And here you have it! The date with Hermione (@hermioneway).
  14. TNW: Date with Hermione Series - Scoop.It
  15. Some reactions and congrats after the launch.
  16. And some exciting new features on the way: