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Friday Night With a Beer and Storify - Kicking Ass

Storify is kicking ass as a storytelling curation tool, with new source, grabbing and editing features! I figured that Storify, a story and a beer could be a nice way to spend a couple of hours Friday night. Storify have some great features, with some bugs though. Follow the curation test and enjoy!


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  2. The more easy part: Importing a tweet from my newsfeed.
  3. Imported an earlier story from Storify, inside Storify. It even could have been someone else's story. A really nice new feature!
  4. From my blog, I used the URL to link to a post. It happened to be a post about...curation:).
  5. I could have used the bookmarklet. Which I did here, on one of the many posts and articles about Storify right now.
  6. I also gabbed a video from YouTube using the bookmarklet (neat), mainly because the YouTube search function in Storify was not that accurate (a YouTube or Storify problem?).
  7. Robert Scoble is engaged & freaked out about the new world of Zuckerberg
  8. To curate Robert Scoble's own reflections in Facebook, I used the Storypad function, where you can grab parts of an article and also a Facebook status message. This one also includes the link (hidden behind the time link below) to Scoble's original update (and an awesome comment thread).
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  10. I even could grab comments from the Scoble thread, and import them into the story.
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  12. After introducing Robert Scoble, I though it would be appropriate to give the microphone to Mr. Zuckerberg himself. Curating content from Facebook is still not straightforward. But I managed, again using the URL import feature in Storify.
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  14. As far as I know, Storify does not officially support Google+. But I still succeeded in grabbing this Scobleizer update using the page bookmarklet, including a link to the Google+ update and the whole comment thread (click on the title). But when I tried publishing pictures with text or reshared stories, Google+ failed me. An integration between Google+ and Storify could probably be done much easier and complete if Google had released more developer access to their content. 
  15. Or what do you think, Bradley Horowitz?
  16. Anyway. Storify passed the test, with some bugs though. Still, Storify is far ahead of it's "storytelling" competitors, and is really pushing curation towards maturity, handling all kinds of media sources and different types of content. Including music, of course. Enjoy and have a nice weekend!