Khalid Takes to Twitter About His Disturbing Experience: Apologetic Fan Speaks Out

In response to R&B superstar, Khalid, confiding in fans via Twitter about a groping incident that he experienced I question my possible role in the issue and its normalization.


  1. According to the United States Department of Justice, sexual assault is “any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient.” Sexual assault can be reference as an umbrella term that includes a range of sexual activities.
  2. On November 20th at 1:33 AM after taking the stage at the American Music Awards hours prior for a dynamic performance alongside Imagine Dragons (pictured above), the American R&B singer and songwriter Khalid Amhearst Robinson, better known internationally as Khalid, took to Twitter to make an example of an experience he had with a fan that many are claiming as disturbing. The only question I have is, could I be the target of the distasteful comments in response to his tweets? And more importantly, just how common is it for stars to be intentionally or unintentionally taken advantage of because of their fame and position?
  3. Thanks for the butt grab @thegr8khalid. You saved a life in Philly. SC @mymomentsss
    Thanks for the butt grab @thegr8khalid. You saved a life in Philly. SC @mymomentsss
  4. The IG picture above was taken after Khalid's live performance at the Fillmore Philadelphia on January 20th, 2017 during his Location Tour. Since Khalid's tweet's don't give an exact date or venue as to when the incident occurs, when one of my IG followers reached out to me in regard to the COMPLEX coverage I was SHOOK to say the least.
  5. For some background: Before the photo was taken I DID ASK Khalid if he'd mind the photo. He had every right to say no but after the confusion and amusement left his face, he consented to the photo and we both laughed it off after. No talk of disrespect, feeling uncomfortable, or any ill-will.

  6. As Beija Velez for COMPLEX NEWS points out, "A number of prominent figures in the industry have been vocal about addressing sexual harassment and indecent interactions with fans or coworkers. This all comes in the back end of Harvey Wiensstien's now well-reported sex scandal and in the wake of the movie moguls dark secrets surfacing people have found the courage to shed light on their personal experiences."
  7. Khalid Speaks Out About a Fan Who Grabbed His Ass
  8. Khalid took to Twitter again to say:

  9. In response to Khalid's original tweet addressing the butt grabbing fans went off:

  10. If in fact I was the target of Khalid and his fan's comments is an answer we may never know unless he outright address the time-frame or venue. However, if Khalid is referring to me, I sincerely apologize if my asking made him uncomfortable and that was never the intention. I hope that you continue to prosper as your career unfolds and you bless us with those beautiful vocals.
  11. I can't deny that the thought that I could've been the topic of discussion definitely has shaken me up, especially the comments from fans in response like the one(s) below.

  12. However, I know that I had no negative intentions behind the act and the impact wasn't discussed when I asked if he would be willing to take the photo with me.
  13. I must commend Khalid on his bravery in addressing his feelings of discomfort and annoyance, because we do live in a society that normalizes forms of sexual assault and generally discredits the act if it is coming from a female towards a male.