Social Networking - Reinvigorating America

The following tweets are some that we found captured the theme at the "How Social Networking Can Re-Invigorate American Democracy and Civic Participation" seminar at the Brookings Institute today. So, want to know what people were talking about? If so, here is out tweet summary!


  1. This is the best thing about social media. It allows companies, celebrities and offices to reach the individual who is making a difference.
  2. Social media is causing people to rely more on individuals for spreading information than the large institutions. This raises concerns as to whether we are always receiving accurate information.
  3. This tweet raises an interesting question. With so many young people using social media, isn't it about time we teach them how to use it properly? This could range from introducing them to useful organizations on Twitter or how to create an online presence that represents them.
  4. Social media is changing the way we interact and how we receive our news. Now, more people are using social media to stay up-to-date on what's happening in the world and with each other.

  5. While social media gives all of us access to more information at a faster speed, there is more pressure/need for journalists to fact check what they are reporting.
  6. Watch the complete webcast here! There is a lot of valuable information for you social media gurus out there.