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Should journalists verify before they tweet?

After passing along bad information about Piers Morgan, journalists discuss if it's acceptable to pass along unverified information on Twitter, as Reuters' Felix Salmon contends, or they should hold off until they confirm it.


  1. Not surprisingly, many people said journalists should not pass along rumors and unverified information.

  2. Some people said they think journalists should be able to pass along information without vetting it as long as they state that it's unverified, or if they indicate the source.

  3. But one person can break that chain, leaving everyone downstream to simply trust the reputation of the person they heard it from.

  4. In fact, the journalist who picked up the hoax tweet didn't cite the source on his own. 

  5. Heron pointed out that the old-school rule of attributing information to sources applies to Twitter as well.
  6. Citing sources helps people track the information. But is it enough?
  7. Mai Hoang, a journalist at the Yakima Herald, revised her thinking after seeing that the tweet appeared to have originated from a hoax account.