Cancer Genomics Symposium

Jan 17, 2014 at the University of California-Berkeley, Experts discuss the background, current research in, and applications of cancer genomics


  1. I attended the Cancer Genomics Symposium, hosted at UC Berkeley ( ). The speaker line-up was: 

    Welcome & Opening Remarks: Daniel Rokhsar, Organizer
    Samuel AparicioClonal Evolution and Cancer Medicine
    Matthew Meyerson: Somatic Alterations in Human Cancer Genomes
    Maria Figueroa: Using Genome-Wide Epigenomic Studies to Gain Insight into Mechanisms of Leukemogenesis
    Esther Rheinbay: Epigenetic regulation of Tumor Initiation and Heterogeneity in Glioblastoma
    David Haussler: Large-scale Cancer Genomics
    Luis Diaz: Novel Clinical Applications of Somatic Cancer Mutations
    P. Andrew Futreal: Cancer Genomics

    My general take-home messages from the Symposium are:
    - Cancers evolve, so treatments need to keep up
    - Next-generation sequencing is a sensitive diagnostic tool and allows for earlier detection.
    - Therapies can be fine-tuned as we understand patient-specific and tumor-specific signals.

    Apologies for any misunderstandings, misspellings, or misattributions.
  2. A couple papers about cancer genomics were tweeted throughout the Symposium:
  3. Now, for our first speaker:
    Samuel Aparicio, UBC/BC Cancer Agency Vancouver
    Clonal Evolution and Cancer Medicine
  4. Matthew Meyerson, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Broad Institute, and Harvard Medical School
    Somatic Alterations in Human Cancer Genomes