MuseomixBe 2017 - Day 3

Last day of our three days hackaton ! A couple of hours left before museomixers prototypes presentation at 4PM. Get ready !

  1. The Museum City of Brussels and The Grand Place getting ready to welcome makers, visitors, users, art-lovers, ...
  2. 10am- each team is finalizing its projects, hopefully they'll be ready for 4pm!
  3. 11am- Our orga team is still working hard to make sure everything will be fine.
  4. 13.40 - Wow the sun is almost shining! It looks like even the wether is looking forward to discover our prototypes!
  5. 2pm -Countdown only 2hours left ... The teams keep the mystery until 4pm.
  6. Setting up a local campaign to convene visitors and tourists to test our prototypes

  7. Organisation team and museomixers teams find ways to invite visitors to discover the prototypes ...
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