MuseomixBE 2017 - Day 2

Brussels City Museum

  1. 9 am - Coucou! We're back and super motivated. All the teams started to create their Twitter account so don't hesitate to keep an eye on it ↓
  2. Noémie will make your dream come true...
  3. Meet the 'Michel & Gudule' team: Margot & Gabrielle. All portraits on their Twitter account:
  4. 12 am - Almost all the teams are busy building stuff at this point. In every team there is a maker, or at least a handy person that will try to find its way.
  5. Btw, have we mentioned that a team is working on a game with the theme "Why is he always peeing?". Which is, of course, a reference to our greatest Manneken Pis of all time.
  6. 12 am - Healthy food to feed our brains 💪
  7. The best moments are when you realise the museomixers are moving forward and their projects is getting more and more concrete. The graphic designers have the mission to create a visual identity for every prototypes.
  8. While some are working intensely, some others are launching silly challenges to other communities:
  9. The cool thing with Museomix is that even the most silly ideas get an answer. Never be alone!
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