MuseomixBE 2017 - Day 1

Brussels City Museum

  1. 9 am - Welcome everyone! Let's start with a great coffee & chocolate to kick off the day & meet each others.
  2. -
  3. The rainy gloomy weather won't stop us - first step is a guided tour of the museum with the conservator. Meet the Brussels City Museum!
  4. Second step: Presentation of the organisation to the museomixers. Participants discover the themes and problematics on which they will work during the 3 days & create the teams depending on the themes.
  5. On the starting blocks: the 'St Michel & Ste Gudule' team. Their mission is to bring the sculptures of St Michel and Ste Gudule to the public and make these saints be heroes again (just that).
  6. The Brussels City Museum has a lot of documents (models, maps, paintings, etc) representing the evolution and the history of Brussels. The "urban development" team will try to make it alive!
  7. Spot the differences: How can you tell the history of the tapestry of the Martyr of Saint Paul? Answer in 2 days.
  8. Go wild team! They get a free card to explore whatever they feel think will be relevant for the visitors. And that's quite a challenge!
  9. All great ideas start with a brainstorm. Defining objectives:
  10. 4 pm - Museomixers are already busy bees: some still try to figure out with with technology they would like to work with, some already have a quite good idea of what their prototype will be.
    Our team members Sam & Margot are responsible for making ideas real and furnish every material the participants need. What a badass team!
  11. 5 pm - It seems like the coffee is not enough after all.
  12. The FabLab team has invade the Grand Place. 3D printing & laser cutting in the city, how cool is that?
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