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MuseomixBE 2016 - Day 2

3 days of creative marathon in the MAS museum


  1. Good morning Antwerp! We're ready for our 2nd day.
  2. How to be creative, step 1: Change your point of view
  3. The first prototypes are being built. Meet Erich The Flying Fish! (work in progress)
  4. Meet the team!
  5. Giulia seems so happy to fold 1000 papers for museomixers
  6. 16:00 - Our partner FabLab Factory is helping the museomixers to build their prototypes.
  7. Work work work work
  8. Last details to finish before the plenary meeting
  9. 17:00 - Yoga time. NaMASte
  10. 18:00 - FInal general meeting of the day. The teams present their work and final version of their prototypes. The projects needs to be presented at the visitors tomorrow at 15:00. Big rush to finish to build everything!