Listening to the Spoken BNC2014

Various search results with respective search terms


  1. Phrasal verbs: Simple query (ignore case): _VV0 _RP
  2. equivalent CQP syntax: [pos="VV0"] [pos="RP"]
  3. Singular proper nouns: CQP syntax: [pos="NP1"]
  4. And/or binomials: CQP syntax: [class="ADJ|SUBST|ADV"] "and|or"%c [class="ADJ|SUBST|ADV"] within u
  5. here we use class as it is quicker to capture all forms than if we used pos; note within u means find examples in an utterance
  6. Repeated binomials: CQP syntax: a:[class="SUBST|ADJ|ADV"] "and|or"%c b:[class="SUBST|ADJ|ADV"] :: a.word = b.word within u
  7. here we see use of labels a and b to find repeated forms
  8. adjectives within 2 words of a word starting with lang: CQP syntax: MU (meet [pos="JJ"] [word="lang.*"] -2 2)
  9. semantic tag Government, Politics and Elections: CQP syntax: [semtag="G1.*"]
  10. note * is wildcard meaning here G1, G1.1, G1.2