How has Louis Gerard Saliot been responsible for heralding tourism industry in Fiji?

Louis Gerard Saliot


  1. Tourism has always been a steady growing global industry. And talking about the country, Fiji, it is entirely dependent upon tourism industry. The country’s economy is dependent upon tourism as it has been endowed with natural attractions with mesmerising sea beaches, beautiful islands covered with green scenic attractions followed by rich culture and histories of Fijians.

    Despite such opulence of natural attractions, the country was still in dire need of push for infrastructural development which it has been lacking. And coming on the right time was Louis Gerard Saliot, the man with creativity and innovation came forward leading a team of experts from different sectors with varied expertise and giving shape to the Natadola project. The development of this project has been significant from the tourism development angle in the country.

    It brought new chains of hotels and resorts with world-class facilities and amenities that are the primary attractions for international tourists or visitors. The project was initiated by EuroAsia Management Group, the Singapore based company founded by Gerard Saliot. He is currently the founder and director of the firm which is specialised in offering the wide range of development services of hospitality and leisure industry.
    Natadola project became the part of such development project initiated by the EuroAsia, and this company is expanding from strength to strength under the able leadership. Now if one talks about the positive impact of this project in Fiji, then here are the statistics that would speak volume.

    The overall earning of the country is $377.3 million for the March quarter of 2017. And it is an increase of 10.7 percent ($36.4 million) as compared with the last year 2016.

    Plenty of employment got created, and it is the local populace who are taking the significant benefits of such job scopes in the country. The successful completion of the project has not been only an example of professional excellence but also raised the image of country’s tourism industry internationally.