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Watch the debate - with the audio off

There was a lot of talk about the body language of the presidential candidates after the first debate in Denver. As it turns out, you can turn on the debate Tuesday night, mute the TV and blare Metallica -- and still learn a lot about President Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.


  1. CNN broke down the first debate into "make and break" moments

  2. Obama/Romney Body Language Analysis
  3. ABC News, like many others, focused on a feathered part of the debate

  4. An expert said Romney looked uncomfortable when talking about firing Big Bird.
  5. The New York Times went deeper into the candidates' gestures from past speeches

  6. Twitter users have been tuned in to body language in presidential and VP debates

  7. Finally, if you really want to get educated on body language...

  8. Check out this excellent interview with Georgetown University's debate coach, who breaks down the first debate.
  9. College Debate Coach: Romney, Obama Can Improve