1215.today Innovation Lab 2

www.1215.today is an creative project that connects and empowers young people across the world to have their say about their rights. Join us for the second in a series of Innovation Labs, hosted by Lincoln UTC, June 11, 2016 #1215today #Lab2


  1. Project Background
  2. 1215.today is a virtual house of culture featuring commissioned artworks, creative opportunities and challenging debate for young people. It is an Arts Council England funded project hosted by the University of Lincoln around the themes of rights, justice and equality and is inspired by the 800th commemoration of the signing of the Magna Carta. The Innovation Labs invite young people from local communities around the UK to creatively address these themes.
  3. Power to the People 2.0

  4. The 1215.today Innovation Lab series represents a new way for artists to collaborate with young creatives and digital technologists to respond to contemporary issues of participation, engagement and citizenship.
  5. The labs are facilitated by Digital Identity specialist, Abhay Adhikari, and are designed to engage participants in a creative and critical debate about key concerns of the 21st Century.
  6. The first lab took place in Leeds, January 2016, working with artist Kathrin Böhm to explore the theme of 'space'...
  7. The Brief
  8. Artists Ben Peppiatt and Stephanie Bickford-Smith were chosen as the commissioned artists for the Lincoln Innovation Lab. Please see the video below for an overview of the brief, which seeks to explore the notion of contemplation in a digital world:
  9. Lab #2 begins on June 11! This time we are in Lincoln. Artists @ben_peppiatt & @stephani_may have sent us a video diary to let you know what to expect! Are you coming to the Lab? Leave us a comment. . . . . . #data #innovation #digital #arts #culture #information #dailylife #green #outdoors #grass #sunglasses #experiences #summer #artists #ben #stephanie #online #offline #control #1215 #contemplation #contemporaryart #mission #artists
  10. The Lab kicked off with a discussion of the key themes related to the brief, with Ben, Stephanie and Abhay presenting a number of inspirational images and artwork. This was followed by introductions of the student participants and creative technologists.
  11. The participants were divided into teams and assigned a creative technologist. The teams then set about exploring the theme of 'contemplation' and developing concepts in response to their discussions
  12. Once the teams had developed their initial ideas they were tasked with 'story-boarding' and pitching their concepts to get feedback from the artists and other participants...