Multiple Sclerosis Stem Cell Treatment

Multiple Sclerosis is one of the diseases that responds exceptionally well to the stem cell treatment. Because these patients have problems with nervous system, stem cells are very beneficial because they have the ability to rebuild lost nerve fibers.


  1. Stem cells used for multiple sclerosis treatment come from a patient’s own body, from either adipose tissue or bone marrow. Based on the diagnosis, physical state of a person and other medical factors, our professional team will decide which method is better for each individual.
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  3. The stem cell treatment for ms procedure consists of four simple steps: harvesting –during which stem cells are extracted from adipose tissue or bone marrow, separation – when stem cells are parted from other cells, activation – the phase in which stem cells are photo activated and finally treatment - during which these stem cells are returned to patient’s body via standard IV drip.

  4. Stem cell treatment procedure
  5. In Ms treatment Physiotherapy is also very important and it is customized for every patient, helping the stem cells manifest their activity quickly and efficiently.
  6. Stem cell and multiple sclerosis
    Stem cell and multiple sclerosis
  7. Ms treatment with stem cells
    Ms treatment with stem cells
  8. Multiple sclerosis treatment with stem cells
    Multiple sclerosis treatment with stem cells