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  5. What is mSpy?

  6. mSpy is a cellphone monitoring software that is equipped with all the necessary features that can help a person to know each and every activity of the targeted phone. Once installed in the phone, it starts monitoring instantly and uploads all the detected details in the online account provided by mSpy.
  7. Why Should I Need It?

  8. You will need it to keep your children and business safe. In this world of technology, children can get in the wrong hands immediately. Cyber bullying and other forms of ill behaviors are common. With the smartphone monitoring software, now you can know who is contacting them or who are they contacting. What they do when you are away and where they go. Employers need it when they suspect fraud and need to monitor the activities of their employees.
  9. What Can mSpy Do?

  10. mSpy has simple working method. It detects and monitors the activity of the targeted phone like call and messages logs, GPS tracking and email tracking. You can also know the web usage details along with the time and date. After monitoring, it uploads the data online so you can see what happened in your absence.
  11. Installation and Setup (Was It Hard To Set Up?)

  12. Installation of the software is a matter of only 2-3 minutes. You need physical access to the cell phone. Once in your hands, you can download the app from the place provided by mSpy and install it in the phone and then you don’t have to do anything. Data will be uploaded automatically on the website. You can visit the website to see the activities whenever you want.
  13. Compatibility
  14. This app is compatible with almost all the operating system offered nowadays:
    • Android phones & Tablets
    • iPhone
    • Windows
    • iPad
    • MAC Os
  15. Ease of use
  16. Using this app is really easy because once installed there is nothing for you to do. You can simple log in to the provided account and see the uploaded data.
  17. Help and Support
  18. If you need to know anything related to the product or want help with the existing package, you can submit the request through their support page. You can also find FAQs and user guide at this link:
    There is an direct support through call or phone and they work on 24/7.
  19. Conclusion
  20. mSpy is offering the spying service in less and now the prices are even much lowered because of the 15% discount. It is the perfect timing to go for the app.
  21. Where to Buy mSpy?

  22. mSpy can be purchased directly online from the official site The app can be downloaded directly. You can now also enjoy the benefit of 15% discount on all the subscription of the mSpy with our special mSpy coupon code above.
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