Tweets and Takeaways from the AllJoyn Track at OpenIoT Summit 2016

Check out takeaways and the livetweet feed for a snapshot of the many AllJoyn track sessions that took place on Monday and Tuesday at OpenIoT Summit 2016, April 4-6 in sunny San Diego.

  1. Last week at OpenIoT Summit in sunny San Diego, the AllSeen Alliance was well-represented as a Platinum Sponsor of the event, strong news for IoT and embedded developers, an AllJoyn speaker track, and a booth presence.
  2. AllSeen Alliance member Beechwoods Software, Inc. announced it has developed recipes to streamline AllJoyn Implementation when building embedded devices with Yocto. Industry tech reporter Swapnil Bhartiya interviewed Brad Kemp, CEO of Beechwoods, and Noah Harlan, Founder of Two Bulls for his CIO articles, "New Yocto Recipes Will Make Embedded Devices Smarter," and "Linus Torvalds Isn't Worried About IoT Security." Click here to read up on the recent news coverage, and here to read the full news release.
  3. Check out the @AllSeenAlliance live tweet feed and takeaways from the representing AllSeen Alliance members below.
  4. Aaron Vernon, CTO Higgns, gave a talk on “Avoid the Silos and Help Build the True Internet of Things.”
  5. The IoT is growing at an extraordinary rate and has massive potential, but the current landscape is chaotic. In this session, Aaron gave an overview of the current IoT space, including notable technical and architectural differences between approaches. Aaron recommends we focus on improving our user's lives through compelling and tangible experiences.
  6. “We were keen to attend OpenIoT to hear the different opinions and experiences of the most prominent participants in the open side of IoT. What surprised us, however, were the common threads that ran through every single presentation and conversation - it is clear that the Internet of Things has a very collaborative and promising future, and we are really excited to be a part of it.” -- Aaron Vernon, Higgns
  7. Live tweet feed from Aaron's talk:
  8. Art Lancaster, Co-founder and CTO of Affinegy, led the discussion, “Birds of a Feather (BoF): AllSeen Alliance, AllJoyn and OCF, Iotivity - Will We Find One Common Language for Open IOT?”
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