Digital Diplomacy

Curated stories on digital diplomacy, tools, platforms, best practices and examples drawn from across the web. Primarily for FCO digital communicators around the world but useful for anyone with slightest interest in digital and diplomacy. Views are all personal and links not endorsements


  1. With privacy becoming an important issue and concerns around FB growing everyday, there are many who have decided to leave Facebook. Are you one of them?
  2. This article though focused on US State Department's approach in digital diplomacy, quotes James Barbour (and Moscow before that), our head of communications in Washington, extensively!
  3. Some digital help for non-profits using Meta-Activism Project
  4. Nice discussion and lots of examples on getting people activated digitally during crisis. Look at the comment from our own Shane Dillon on what he thinks about the digital crisis management:
  5. Interesting and very relevant infographic on press freedom in 2012 from Reporters Sans Frontiers!
  6. Be consistent across all your platforms when you are creating a social media brand is what the article below says:
  7. UK is second only to USA according to this ranking!