Arun Singh

Site Reliability Engineering | Researcher & Entrepreneur

Lisa Rowles

Facilitator, coach, Design & Development Director for Khulisa UK . Passionate about Africa, social justice, community restoration & big cat conservation

John A. Stewart

I'm a @SoftwareAG corporate story-teller. Love sports (Rugby & Hockey); Co-created 3 wonderful boys. A Brit turned Yank living in the US.



#HonoluluBased Founder of @merireimedia #Artist #Writer #GraphicDesigner #Palauan #MediaJunkie #NativeExPatRadio #HontoRoots ❤ Send your #donations to $merirei.

KS Rubinger

Serenity Lux

Rock collector, seed planter, animal lover and god damn genuine and perplexing human being catering gentlemen looking for excitement.

Vận chuyển hàng hóa

Women's Philanthropy

We're the Women's Philanthropy Institute (WPI) at @IUPhilanthropy. We study how and why gender matters in philanthropy. #WomensPhilanthropy

Ó.C. Traductor

#ÓscarCurros. Cuenta personal: @oscarcurros. Periodista graduado por la Univ. de Santiago de Compostela (USC). Traductor del portugués al español en @el_pais.

Wael Neili

DeAnn McEwen RN

Union Activist & Educator. Mom, Oma, & Healthy public policy advocate. Nursing art & science is a holistic expression of caring, compassion & community.


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psychologist, psychotherapist in private practice, academic|musings


Mom, Lawyer, Librarian, Lousy Tweeter