WL V911,The First Mini Helicopter You Can Fly Outdoor

This is the first mini helicopter you can pilot outdoor,it has some brilliant performance you may like,just read it.


  1. I just got this WL V911 helicopter from lightake,the helicopter I will send to my nephew as a birthday gift.
    Before that I sort of fly it around my little garden.(the video I post was not what I shoot)
    Better than double horse 9104,this helicopter has a few steps forward from similar species.
    There are some plastic parts in this helicopter,however;they are thicker than the common ones I always see, and better design. Built-in Electric Gyroscope system technology for Steady flying,which you can directly feel it when you begin to fly it.As for flight performance- it dwarfs the 9104 that I think it's already had a very stable flight.V911 is precision controlling, and have a faster reaction to its controller,easily finishing 4 channels movements ,ascending, descending, left, right, forward, backward, left side and right side. Built-in 120mAh rechargeable Lithium battery,6 x AA Battery for remote control (not included)
    Can fly 6-8 minute while fully charged. Ideal choice for mini helicopter model fans
    Perfect gift for your friends, great item for your collectible

  2. WL V911 Micro Helicopter VS Trex 600 pro