Who is Muhammad Siddeeq?

Muhammad Siddeeq has recently made several appearances on Fox News' Sean Hannity Show. Here is an abridged index of 39 years of news featuring Muhammad Siddeeq.

  1. 2014 - Sean Hannity Show: Imam Muhammad Siddeeq appears as guest to discuss "radical" Islam
  2. Muslim Community Reluctant To Acknowledge Radical Islam
  3. Hannity Guest Confronts Him on Phil Robertson’s ‘Convert or Die’ Remark. Hannity vs Imam
  4. 2011 - Love Letter Delivered 53 Years Too LateA love letter written to a college student in Pennsylvania was finally delivered, albeit 53 years late. Officials at the California University of Pennsylvania are forwarding the long lost note to Muhammad Siddeeq at his Indianapolis home after friends and family members heard reports about a letter whose address bore Siddeeq's former name.
  5. 2006 - Pope's remarks called 'unfortunate'Local Muslims disagree with Benedict's words but accept his apology
  6. 2000 - Timeline of the Michael Taylor case: Minister Muhammad Siddeeq, who led `people's inquest' into case says he found a witness who saw police shoot Taylor.
  7. 1996 - Jury finds cuffed youth didn't shoot self: "An all-white jury and a white judge proved that the overwhelming citizens of this great country...are for the most part God-fearing, fair-minded, just human beings who are capable of rising above superficial differences to support and embrace what is right and just," said Muhammad Siddeeq
  8. 1995 - Iron Mike's Second Chance: Soon after entering prison, Tyson began studying the Koran intensely—both alone and with spiritual adviser Muhammad Siddeeq, a teacher who volunteers at the prison.
  9. 1980 - Putting auteur back in restauranteurfull size image - Muhammad Siddeeq must have an eye for seeing the exotic in what most of us dismiss as prosaic. It was, after all, "Allah" in the word Tallahassee that brought the New York native here in the first place. And just months ago, spotting an abandoned Texaco station Siddeeq somehow envisioned a Persion sandwich shop painted up to look like a Moslem mosque.
  10.  1979 - Nation rallies to help couple buy back homeCitizens from around the nation rallied Wednesday to help an elderly North Florida couple buy back a house they lost because the failed to pay $3.05 in 1975 property taxes. "If we can arouse the moral consciousness of people, we can turn back this unjust attempt to take someone's land," said Muhammad Siddeeq, a professor at Florida State University. Siddeeq has organized a rally of support for the Kenons at a Quincy church.
  11. 1978 - The black businessfull size image - Muhammad Siddeeq of FSU's Black Cultural Center said blacks, because of limited income, must "hunt for the best products at the best prices." And because black merchants usually buy from middle men at a higher price than what the larger stores pay for their products, black businesses usually charge higher prices, he added. Siddeeq urged blacks to try to work together to buy products on a co-op basis, and thus force the price of goods down.
  12. 1975 - Muslim College: The seminar sessions were chaired by Director Clark X (Muhammad Siddeeq), of New York City's University of Islam No. 7. Director of New York's school for seven years, Bro. Clark holds a masters in biology and has done extensive work in cancer research. "We're just trying to catch up to something Messenger Muhammad put out in the first part of his mission. We're not trying to add on to what Messenger Muhammad teaches – we can't – but we're attempting to see at another level of understanding." Bro. Clark explained.
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