The SCA cleans up at the US Open of Surfing

7/28 - 8/5/2012 - HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA Earlier this year, @The_SCA hit the beach to support our spokeswoman @LakeyPeterson as she competed in the @USOpenofSurf. While Lakey triumphed w/ a 1st place finish, SCA kept the ocean clean with #cleanupthebeach service projects.


  1. In the days leading up to the US Open of Surfing, @the_sca announced the "Room & Board" contest. Entering was as simple as submitting your contact info to, and the grand prize was a weekend trip to Santa Barbara that included private surfing lessons from US Open champ Lakey Peterson. The winner will be announced August 16. Good luck to anyone that entered!
  2. @the_sca's @AlviSeda, @EvanEscamilla, and @TobiasBokum arrived in Huntington Beach on Friday, 7/27, and immediately began sending live updates about the Open.
  3. Our glow-in-the-dark bracelets were insanely popular amongst surf fans throughout the week. By Friday, you couldn't look in any direction without seeing scores of blue-banded wrists.
  4. @LakeyPeterson is trying to turn "Rollercoastering" into the next "Planking." @the_sca & @AlviSeda saw the @usopenofsurf as a chance to help her spread the craze.
  5. As part of the Room & Board contest, we gave away daily prizes throughout the week of the Open. The first day's winner, David Lamb, took home an autographed Lakey poster and a signed Air Lakey T-shirt.