SCA Alumni Council - Service in San Francisco

Oct. 19 - 21, 2012 Members of the SCA Alumni Council descended on the Bay Area for a weekend in late October for an Oakland service event w/ Pick Up America & the San Francisco Outdoor Nation Summit.

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  1. The morning began with final preparations for an Art for the Sky installation commissioned by SCA and Pick Up America. The piece was completed later in the day with a gathering of carefully arranged, colorfully t-shirted volunteers and an aerial photograph. 
  2. East Bay Regional Park Ranger Rick Trujillo gave context to the day's service with a talk on enviromental challenges faced by the MLK Jr. Shoreline.
  3. The SCA Alumni Council arrived late to the service day, having spent much of their morning escaping from a maximum security prison.
  4. Steve H., of Art for the Sky, designed and directed the actualization of the day's art installation, an enormous rendering of the Tree of Life, created with colored mulch and brightly-clothed conservationists.
  5. The "painting" was photographed by a remote-controlled helicopter drone that looked like it came right out of the movie Short Circuit. It was awesome.
  6. SCA's Alumni Council held up the whole project as they laid around to form the trunk of the tree.
  7. As you can see, the results were incredible.