Microblogged Global Questions about Science Matters.

Human wonders and deeds, answers and questions to be explored, concerning the world we live in through the web we write on: We are an active tweeter community willing to learn by means of the #mccupf. Pay a look!


  1. Global and Other Environmental Matters
  2. Grids, maps, pictures and posters: We tweeted to trace global questions such as climate change, the global warming impact, and some other interesting health topics.

  3. Technological Matters
  4. Breaking News: World Wide 12/05/2017 'cyber attack' and more...

  5. Educational, Working and Research Matters
  6. Workshops, round tables, international conferences, exhibitions, books, films, lessons and online guides: We focused on them with a view to get an experiential learning. Always keeping an eye out for what's going on!