XMRE - 1300xt Military MRE Grade

Review on XMRE 1300XT only military mre meals dedicated to civilian market.


  1. Introduction to MREs

    Food is a perishable item. During a catastrophe, either natural or manmade, food is the main casualty. In a natural catastrophe such as an earthquake or a hurricane, you can go without power for more than a week. You will find a shortage of supply of good edible food. The normal food that you might have stored in the refrigerator cannotlast long without power. You may need an emergent supply of food. So too, in cases of war, the soldiers may not have access to a steady supply of readily cooked food at times. You can make use of the XMREs during times of such calamities.
  2. What is anXMRE?

    MRE is an acronym for“Meals Ready to Eat.” The contents of the XMRE are fully cooked and ready to eat either hot or even cold. The XMREs have a shelf life of about five years. It is capable of providing good taste as well as proper nutrition. You need not add any water to an MRE. You simply have to open the pouch and eat it directly.
  3. What makes it long lasting?

    Food decays when exposed to the air for a long time. The trick to keep food fresh for a long time is toensure you do not expose the food to the air. In an XMRE, the break through technology lies in the manufacture of the pouch. The pouch has three layers allowing the food to remain fully cooked, sealed and not exposed to the air.Thus, the food remains fresh for a long time. It is better in taste than the dehydrated or frozen food. It is also better than canned food.
  4. Use of XMREs

    Originally, the military used the MREs during their stints on the battle fronts. However, MREs are perfect for any outdoor enthusiasts, emergencies or on occasions where regular food is not available. The special pouches ensure long shelf life for the food without the need for refrigeration. Many hospitals, fire departments, Red Cross societies, and Government agencies depend on these MREs as an emergency plan for supply of food. Many campers, hikers, and mountaineers too use these MREs to sustain them. They are not only a source of a complete meal but also portable and lightweight to carry.
  5. XMRE 1300XT– Military MRE Meals Grade

    We shall concentrate on one particular product, the XMRE 1300XT – Military MRE Meals Grade. Military personnel typically eat this food during their military campaigns. We shall examine the characteristics of this MRE product. We shall also consider the advantages of having this type of food.
  6. Components of XMRE 1300XT

    These MREs contain more than 1300 average calories of the military meal ready to eat grade components.
    · These foods have a minimum shelf life of five years depending on the storage temperature and conditions.
    · There are six different menus per case
    · There are about twelve or six meals per case.
  7. One complete XMRE XT Meal has the following ingredients.

    · One 8 oz entrée along with one cracker or bread with a two to three snack/dessert/side dish
    · It also contains one fruit flavored beverage plus a spread sauce.
    · Coffee drinkers can expect one cup of instant coffee and a non-dairy creamer.
    · You will find a military spoon, napkin, a wet towelette, and an optional flameless heater.
    These components come with a packing of military grade water as well as tamper proof XMRE outer bag.
  8. Features of the XMRE 1300XT

    · As the name suggests, the food is ready to eat.
    · They use military grade components.
    · They are battle tested in all respects.
    · They are fully cooked foods and do not need any water.
    · You can eat the food directly out of the pouch any time.
    · The food has a shelf life of at least five years from the date of packaging under normal conditions.
  9. We shall go into the details of the components of the XMRE 1300XT

    · Entrée consists of a variety of beef or chicken. Vegetarian entrees are also available.
    · The cracker or bread may consist of a regular or vegetable cracker along with snack bread.
    · Snacks may include nuts, raisins, a mix of dry fruits, and corn nuggets.
    · You can find cheese spreads, peanut butter, or even fruit jellies and jams.
    · Dessert can contain pudding pound cakes or cookies along withdairy shakes.
    · Usually, the pack also contains a fruit favored beverage as a thirst quencher.
    · You can have access to one single instant coffee.
    · The accessories consist of napkins, small towels, and a mild soap solution along with a towelette.
    · A hot beverage bag finds its presence in every meal package.
    · The condiment kit could include salt, pepper, non-dairycream, and sugar.
    · You can find a spoon inside each pouch. In case you feel the need to heat the food a little, you have a MRE military type flameless meal heater.
  10. How does an MRE taste?

    This is a subjective question. The taste depends upon the eater. However, the taste of MRE foods is different from that of canned food. The MREs are very convenient to eat and people enjoy having them on a regular basis.
  11. The use of the flameless heater

    US soldiers and emergency relief workers rely on these MREs to sustain them. You can eat them cold. However, it does not do any harm to heat them a little before consuming it. Youshould take care not to heat the MREs over a regular fireplace or a stove. This can cause the inner layers of pouch to melt and contaminate the food. The best way to heat up an MRE food is as follows.
    · Put the pouch in boiling water for about three to five minutes.
    · You can place the food next to a non-liquid heat source such as a radiator.
    · You can simply keep the food in the sun for some time.
    · You can use the flameless heater supplied along with the MRE kit.
  12. MRE Unboxing: Case of Six MREs from XMRE (2015)
  13. Conclusion about the Product

    The XMRE food can come in handy during emergencies. It is better to have a stock of MREs at home to take care of an eventuality.