#EdTechBridge: Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Topic: Share Your #EdTech Story Moderators: Scott Freschet, Steve Siden, Katya Hott, Steve Isaacs

  1. Tonight's Questions: 

    Q1 What are positive or negative stories of how your students use EdTech? #edtechbridge
    Q2 What can you now do differently with EdTech in a classroom that you couldn't do before? #edtechbridge
    Q3 How has building/using EdTech changed your opinion of education? #edtechbridge
    Q4 How has collaboration between Ts/Devs helped to enhance learning with EdTech? #edtechbridge
    Q5 What are you most proud of as a result of your EdTech product/using EdTech in your classroom? #edtechbridge
    Q6 What would you want to change about how EdTech is designed? #edtechbridge

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