Tweet-stream from the IRM MDM & Data Governance Conference London May 2017


  1. Thought I'd pull together some of the most memorable parts of the Master Data Management & Data Governance Europe Conference - 15-18 May 2017 in London. The conference, in it's 12th year is put on by the IRM UK folks - with a lot of pan-European representation
  2. As the CMO of one of the Platinum Sponsors, and a speaker at the conference, I had a lot of time to think about the show.
  3. My session, shared with my colleague Richard Branch - discussed the use of the Material Design language employed by Google, and it's applications to Enterprise B2B Software in general. We suggested that part of the reason important component software like MDM has not 'crossed the chasm' to gain the broad user adoption it needs is due to the failings of the design, interface, and implementation.
  4. See the full agenda on the IRM MDM Website

  5. Respected MDM analyst and industry veteran Aaron Zornes was the Keynote speaker for the MDM Side of the conference. Indeed, many of us think of the MDM Summit as the 'Aaron Zornes - London Conference." As he runs MDM Summits in the US (NYC & SF) and also in Asia and Australia, this feels very much like the European leg of the tour.
  6. Aaron compiles his observations on the industry and key trends developing in his 'Field Reports', he boiled the top 5 most interesting points in the opening keynote.... I'm told he found out 10 minutes before presenting he'd have the time to do this, and then right before he opened his mouth that it should be a 30-second update.
  7. It was longer, but still (always) interesting.
  8. More on Semarchy and xDM here:
  9. Right after the MDM and DG opening Keynotes, there was a very interesting conversation from an investigative data journalism point of view - regarding the Panama Papers. A mountain of data was made available, cross-referenced with other leaks and known sources, integrated, sliced, diced, mastered and re-mastered, graphed, and so on.
  10. This was well-received by this Euro-centric audience. The Speaker was in fact a Spanish woman from a Washington, DC Agency!
  11. This story lent itself to the use of database and big data technology, and Mar Cabra was no slouch in terms of laying it out. Came across as a super sharp data scientist who truly understood the implications of her work.
  12. Application of all sorts of data tech, including open source - and leveraging the cloud. Enterprise data folks in the audience knew how hard this can be to manage - and I believe they were in awe of how it can be accomplished on a small budget with a lot of collaboration and hard work.