Will social media determine the outcome of the General Election?

Spoiler alert: NO


  1. Well, at least not THIS General Election.
  2. "57% of people polled lean towards TV debates and direct party communication; 20% mentioned social media" @capbyrne
  3. Perfect example of this - the Scottish referendum.
  4. Young voters engage hugely online but they don't actually vote. As a result, no policies are targeted at them; there seems to be a disconnection between the two.
  5. Social media buzz around #GE2015 tends to circle around "banter-y" posts and the candidates' caricature - causing a shift in influence perhaps but no tangible results; no call to action yet.
  6. The Sky News Ballot Ballad | General Election 2015
  7. "The Greens are the best of the worse, at least making a start, telling a story"
  8. It's all about the narrative; making content relevant and shareable, trying to connect with that crucial 4-6%
  9. Change The Tune - Green Party 2015 Election Broadcast
  10. ...as opposed to the Torries focusing on fighting Miliband's caricature - will he trip, how sloppily he'll eat and so on
  11. Political systems haven't migrated online at all. Politicians however, kind of have. In 2010, only 25% of MPs were online; now 2/3 of them.
  12. Content is still king - "what needs to be applied is simple: Commission, collaborate & raise up" @papertimelady