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Observer of how democracy malfunctions and self-corrects. ACA implementation watcher. CSR czar. AKA Andrew Sprung

Ashley C Deringer

Mom, wife, dork, #Palliative NP, cheese loving #turophile, #hpm chat regular

Willem Jooste

Husband, dad of one and emergency medicine registrar. Under-trained pianist. Steadfast #FOAMed supporter.

Josh Gentry

Witty fictional bio here. Working on this: and this

Maria Wolters

Speech & language technology, eHealth focus. Works at @InfAtEd on @help4mood and ForgetIT. All tweets in private capacity


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Victoria Stephen

Emergency Medicine registrar. #ED Echo, cardiology but tweet about all things EM & sometimes running/travel/basset hounds. #FOAMed Be brave be strong

Jeffery Hill

Assistant Residency Director, Univ of Cincy Dept. of EM, Editor of, #FOAMed & #MedEd supporter Tweets are not medical advice

Janine Mcquillan

Nicolas Peschanski

French Emergency Physician Gone Nuts! EKG Maniac, Focus on Teaching Acute Cardiac and Critical Care. Acute Heart Failure Fanatic Researcher! Vive la #FOAMed

Turkish #FOAMed #FOAMedTr #FOAMed Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. RWE

Mads Astvad

Gasman, intensivist, resuscitationist and educator. Paediatric interest. #FOAMed supporter

Susan H Yarbrough

Director of CPD at Imedex, an ACCME provider. 15+ years in CE/CPD. Believer in CE/CPD, for all stakeholders.

Petra Dolman

Family Med Resident. Passionate about prehospital care, wilderness medicine, #meded, global health, #FOAMed and adventure. Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.