How Motorcycle Insurance Delhi Gets You Paid for Stolen Motorbike?


  1. The possibility of having your motorcycle being stolen is higher as compared to a car. Also compared to stolen cars, the probability of having it recovered is extremely low. The motorcycle just easily gets lost maybe due to the lack of designated parking space in an area. Now, this will need you to secure a motorcycle insurance Delhi for coverage.

    To secure your belongings, why not get insurance. You can choose between a third-party insurance plan, which covers a third-party liability expense. The insurance takes care of the injured or damaged property while riding the motorbike on the streets. You can also choose a comprehensive plan which covers any damages or losses of the vehicle and the third-party liability.

    Choose Royal Insurance Agency for your motorcycle insurance. Much as an auto insurance is necessary for every vehicle owner, so does this motorcycle coverage. You need this to operate the vehicle in public roadways and highways. You need to stay protected at all times, especially when an accident can happen. The insurance policy can cover medical expenses and repair costs, thus saving you thousands of dollars.

    So if your motorbike gets stolen, the motorcycle insurance Delhi can provide you a sigh of relief. You just need to invest a bit for the premiums to stay protected at all times. So how do you make a claim in cases when your motorcycle is lost:
  2. 1) You need to file a complaint with the police. You may need to fill out a form in doing this so you can possibly claim insurance.

    2) Call your insurance company. File a claim from your insurer specifically details of the vehicle and its policy number. You can also describe details about the incident.

    3) You also need to inform the Road Transportation Office (RTO) about the loss, especially that they are responsible for the RTO transfer papers.

    4) Submit all necessary documents. You need these documents to file a claim from your motorcycle insurance Delhi company and get paid.

    5) Obtain the no-trace report. This is a report coming from the police that your motorbike cannot be located. This is the most crucial report to get an insurance claim for your bike. You may need to wait a month before the report is generated. So be patient and cooperate with authorities.