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Tracking the #OWS Anniversary Protests

The #s17 demonstrations—marking the one-year anniversary of Occupy—are under way. Here's the latest news.


  1. Solidarity protests are taking place in a number of other cities. Mother Jones' Gavin Aronsen is in Portland:
  2. The gathering in Zuccotti Park is still going strong. A reporter with the Guardian tweeted earlier today that organizers plant to attempt to re-occupy the park tonight.
  3. Just as they did last fall, NYPD is still arresting and hassling journalists:
  4. As protesters prepare to swarm Wall Street again, this is waiting for them. . .
  5. Update: People on Twitter are saying that this is actually a microwave transmitter for news crews
  6. Zuccotti Park is starting to look like it did a year ago. . .
  7. A good summary of events this morning:
  8. The above pic is by MJ reporter Tim McDonnell.
  9. And the protesters came.