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Oakland Police Turn on #OWS With Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas, Flash-Bang Grenades

A peaceful protest turns violent when police use heavy force on protesters.


  1. Protesters starting to plan response to tonight's 10pm curfew on Frank Ogawa Plaza:

  2. So what is a general strike, anyway? A historical tour:
  3. Gavin reports from the General Assembly meeting going on in Oakland:

  4. Meanwhile, tense anticipation on the other side of the bay:
  5. By most accounts, the scene in downtown Oakland is calm and orderly at the moment, given that over 1,000 people are gathered in the plaza with fresh memories of last night's intense violence. The question on everyone's mind: will it last? 

  6. Protesters are super excited: they managed to tear down the temporary fence surrounding Ogawa Plaza. It went up after police destroyed the #occupy tent city on Monday.

    There isn't a cop in sight on the plaza at the moment, and no one tried to stop them.

  7. In New York, #ows protesters are marching to City Hall in solidarity with #OccupyOakland. Live video here:

  8. Chopper view livestream of #occupyoakland via ABC7 News. Theirs is one of at least four copters circling downtown Oakland.

  9. Tonight's gathering is billed by many as a vigil for Scott Olsen, the Iraq war vet in critical condition after suffering a head fracture during last night's clash with Oakland police.

  10. Oakland mayor Jean Quan catching tremendous heat tonight for her handling of last night's protest, even from her inner circle: