1. Since it launched in late September, the #OccupyWallStreet movement has gone national, spawning copy-cat demonstrations in far-flung locales like Tulsa and Boise (see our map). 

    Its members have serious concerns--about income inequality, the influence of large corporations in our political system, and their own financial futures. The #OccupySesameStreet movement? Not so much. A quick primer:

  2. It began, as all things must, with a tweet:
  3. Radiohead was not actually there, but that almost seems trivial at this point.
  4. The meme wallowed in obscurity for days, but then on Monday evening, it came back to life, with a vengeance:
  5. Boom. Comedian/writer/actor Patton Oswalt tried out a couple of different hashtags--#occupylonelystreet seemed to flop, for instance. But #occupysesamestreet took off. 

    There's only so much Chris Christie speculation social media users can take before they begin to look elsewhere.

  6. So what do the #OccupySesameStreet protesters want--and will it work? A quick guide:

  7. It wouldn't be a public protest without media criticism.
  8. That, via the Daily Caller's CJ Ciaramella, was a familiar refrain:
  9. But Sesame Street is about way more than just Oscar. Sesame Street is multitudes. Like Kermit, for instance:

  10. Brutal.
  11. Greed never tasted so great.