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Cities largely spared; devastating floods in upstate New York and Vermont

The Climate Desk is live-blogging the hurricane. Check back here for the latest information, pics and links from around the web, and be sure to copy your photos and videos to us on Twitter @theclimatedesk.


  1. [13:30 EST Weds.] Irene may be gone, but she's not forgotten: residents of upstate New York are still dealing with devastating flood damage:
  2. [04:00 EST Monday]

    See ya Irene. Our Climate Desk partners at The Atlantic earlier provided this neat summary of where she's been.

  3. [4:00 EST Monday]

    Counting the costs, at the LA Times. Broadway plays a starring role in the economic impact of Irene.

  4. [11:14 EST Sunday]

    Horrible pictures continue to emerge from the flooding in VT. This posted by The Wilmington, which describes itself as an inn located in the mountains near Mount Snow Ski Resort and along the Deerfield River.

  5. yfrog Photo : Shared by thewilmington
    yfrog Photo : Shared by thewilmington
  6. And this appears to be the same road, from a different user (and a different angle) in the aftermath, Wilmington VT:

  7. yfrog Photo : Shared by fitzynumberfour
    yfrog Photo : Shared by fitzynumberfour
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  9. [19:53 EST Sunday]
    Evidence from earlier in the day that this hurricane is all about flooding. This from the Catskills in upstate NY.

  10. Tannersville, Greene County, NY #catskills #irene
    Tannersville, Greene County, NY #catskills #irene
  11. And New Yorkers with chainsaws begin to clean the streets:
  12. NYPD with chainsaws - trees down around E 19th St 3rd Ave
    NYPD with chainsaws - trees down around E 19th St 3rd Ave
  13. [19:30 EST Sunday]

    The AP lists the Hurricane's reported causalities across eight states.
  14. [19:24 EST Sunday]

    Climate Desk buddy The Atlantic asks: did we over-react to Irene?
    And another CD partner Slate takes a closer look at Rocky Mount NC.

  15. [16:12 EST Sunday]

    NYC is restoring some bus service, says the MTA. Looks like the Metro-North railroad is still a giant mess, though, with "major flooding" and even a mudslide!

  16. [15:40 EST Sunday]

    Here's what the storm looked like about an hour ago. Moving over New England: