A Beginner’s Guide to Building SEO Backlinks


  1. Business growth requires effective management and marketing of a business. So, when you are managing a business, you often have to become a sales representative.

    Talking about marketing of a business, this department is equally important as the department business operations. And when we market the business, importance of online medium is something that can never be ignored. Here, one of the most important asset without which online marketing cannot go ahead is your ability to building high quality links. It is power of links, or backlinks, which can help you to become a great digital shop. In other words, backlinks are the juice of any SEO campaign. High quality links help a business to get on the top of Google rankings, while bad quality links can drag a website towards demotion.
  2. What really is the link building, or backlinking?

    When it comes to determining the page rank of your website, backlink profile is the first and most important thing that Google algorithm looks at.

    So, if you want your website to have good domain authority, you will have to make sure that high authority websites are linking back to your website. But, if there are spammy websites linking back to your website, your website wouldn’t rank at all. In fact, it is going to lose the authority it has. It is the relatable linking by high authority websites that Google want to see.
  3. Internal and external backlinks: The major difference

    The great misconception many of the people believe in is that one can perform good quality SEO by building links internally. This is the reason that the trend of creating website’s blog is always on the rise.

    Remember, creation of the website’s blog works only when you have built the authority of your website to a great extent. Now, the website blog can be used to bring some new traffic into your website.

    However, if your website is the new one with no authority at all, creating a website’s blog is never going to give any advantage. This kind of blog development can be related to scenario according to which you would write an outstanding book but you are unable to showcase it by not placing in the public bookshelves.

    The best practice is to write content for the other websites which would have great authority in the online web. Guest blogging and article writing are the most appropriate ways to start building high quality backlinks for your new website.
  4. Internal and External Linking - Whiteboard Friday
  5. Acquiring backlinks

    There is much to say when it comes to describing how to acquire backlinks. However, I am going to summarize the process. You can start by researching for the high quality websites where you can request your website link to be placed. After making this research, you may get a list of websites which are related to your business. Ensure proper organizing of those websites by making a list in which the site owner’s name, email address and other objective information would show up against every link. Now you can write a pitch in which you can ask the business owners to add your website’s link appropriately in their websites. You can make an offer to write content for them in response to the addition of your website’s link in their websites.

    The process can be a little tiring but it can help you build great authority for your website over the web. So be persistent and patient.