Mental Health Stories - June 1

Just a few interesting tweets about mental health ...


  1. Mental Health and Diabetes

    The following is a tweet from a twitter chat on mental health.  The interplay between chronic illness and mental health is something that typically does not get enough air time.  
  2. Mental Health and Youth

    A great link to a site for young people dealing with mental health issues.  The vast majority of people I know who are successfully dealing with any sort of chronic health problem - mental or physical - are people who are plugged into a community of others with the same challenges.  The knowledge exchange and support that happens there are priceless.   
  3. Self Care

    The old rule: Put on your own oxygen mask first because if you don't, you may be passed out before you can help anyone else.
  4. Primary Care

    The majority of people who actually do seek out assistance for their mental health problems (many don't at all) end up talking to their family doctor, or an equivalent.  Most of these doctors are ill equipped to deal with mental health problems.