Your Company Facebook Fan Page Costs More Than You Believe

Quit wasting your cash in your company Facebook Fan Page! That is right I said it. Are you another company that considers Facebook is the start and ending to all your advertising needs? The impression that Facebook Fan Pages present to small businesses is a mirage which will leave your valuable time


  1. In my efforts to train many small business owners in advertising their company, they all appear to have one thing that's a continuous motivation. Just how do i get more enjoys on my Facebook Fan Page? If its more enjoys you need get more facebook friends it is possible to just run the unethical and wrong short cut of buying enjoys through websites like Fiverr for $5.


    But what about the businesses which need real enjoys, actual individuals, and actual interactions? Well you can spend your precious time creating excellent content in the hopes which people locate your fan page among the millions that are out there. Or even worse, spending your cash on Facebook efforts for advertisements and their choice to send out your message to a bigger audience, for a fee of course.


    So you believe you are 5000 supporters are receiving your message? Believe again. In an article composed by Elan Dekel, "Facebook Pages Are a Poor Investment for Small Businesses" Elan directly points out how your posts will really just be located on 1%-5% of your lovers base walls where their buddies may see it as well. You might have even seen this with your own friends, that when they post something on their wall, you do not see it on yours. Do not consider that each post your create is seen on all your buddies wall, and that goes for lovers of your Facebook Fan Page as well.


    So why does Facebook do this? Straightforward, Facebook has been working hard to monetize the' network, so if your looking for accurate visibility you'll need to pay up. As Elan states in his post "After some experiment I managed to create several advertisements that successfully created enjoys on our page at prices that averaged from $0.27 to $0.57 per enjoy." If you average out his price at .42 (.27 .57/2) for every 1000 individuals to enjoy their page it cost them $420. WOW! Does not look so inexpensive to purchase friends anymore. But recall this is easy enjoys, not purchases or even bonded future sales.


    Elan goes on to demonstrate how view Facebook now provides you with an alternative to market your next post so more users will see your content. Here he quotes"Next to each post is a little "Market" button which innocently indicates that for the just amount of anywhere from $5 to $300, you can have your post reach from 500 to 50,000 individuals. This is comparable to paying from $6 to $10 CPM". Basically, Facebook needs to charge your for building your fanbase, then charge you again for marketing to them.