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Reaction to the Possibility of NHL Expansion

Since former NHLPA head Paul Kelly commented Tuesday night about the possibility of the NHL expanding to 32 teams, the speculation and reaction on Twitter has been steadily flowing.


  1. Kelly's comments came during a Markham, Ont., city council meeting that went on for hours into early Wednesday morning. City councillors ended up voting in favour of a funding plan to build an NHL-size rink with the help of public funding.
  2. CBC Toronto reporter Steven D'Souza spent the night tweeting updates and was quick to share the result of the vote as it came in around 5 a.m. ET.
  3. Criticism of the possibility of league expansion was evident as you can see by the tweets below.
  4. Some people weren't convinced that the league would be expanding any time soon but they were supportive of Markham as a potential future NHL team location.
  5. The thought of another team in the Toronto area, or what is considered by some hockey fans as "Toronto Maple Leaf" territory, was a welcomed possibility by some.
  6. Where do you stand on the possibility of NHL expansion? Would you welcome another Toronto-area NHL team? Let us know by responding in the comments section below.